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JX 113661 Chief Petty Officer T.G.M. Campbell - 1940's

Eric was born Eric Scott Campbell on 15th May 1909 to JOHN and ELEANOR Campbell.

They lived at Bower Street, Southwick, County Durham - Sunderland.

Eric's occupation prior to joining the Royal Navy was a Quarryman.  One month before his 16th birthday, Eric joined HMS IMPREGNABLE on 17th April 1925, for a total of 50 weeks as a Boy 2nd Class.  His service history shows he served in the Royal Navy for over 24 years.

His port division was at Chatham, his Service Number was JX 113661.

After a brief spell at HMS DOLPHIN (one week), Eric joined HMs/m TEMPEST on 1st October 1941 at Cammell Laird's larger complex at Birkenhead.  HMs/m TEMPEST was a 'T' Class submarine, one of the improved submarines of the day.

Eric joined other officers (he was Petty Officer then) and had two weeks to familiarise with TEMPEST before the main crew arrived for their training.  It was here that (Coxswain) Charles Anscomb met Eric for the first time.  Charles went on to write a superb book entitled  'Submariner'   recording his life in the Royal Navy. 

Another crew member was Bob Appleton, (Telegraphist), who has given a first class account of         HMs/m TEMPEST's depth charging and conditions at the P.O.W. camp - to which I am most indebted.



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