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Anscomb, Charles William Kimber England 1957 Submariner
Barber, Noel England 1944 Prisoner Of War.
Fox, John Esmond ISBN: 0951710909 England 1986 Spaghetti & Barbed Wire.
Kemp, Paul J ISBN: 085386958X England 1990 The T Class Submarine - The Classic British Design.
Kingsford, Paul ISBN: 0863327354 England 1992 After Aleimein - Prisoner Of War Diaries 1942 - 1945.
Lamb, Richard ISBN: 0719549337 England 1993 War In Italy - A Brutal Story - 1943/45
Longstaff, Reginald ISBN: 070901175X England 1984 Submarine Command - A Pictorial History.
Mason, W. Wynne Prisoners Of War New Zealand 1954 Official History of New Zealand in The WWII. 1939 - 1945.
Poolman, Kenneth ISBN: 0853689423 London 1990 Allied Submarines of World War 2.
Unknown The Coastguard Magazine December 1961, Vol 13 No. 2 Winston Churchill unveils memorial.  Page 35.
Joanne Howdle Picture of 4 inch gun The Dock Museum, Barrow-In-Furness Submarine ( ) site. 
Richard Fisher Permission to use material from site.
Philip Russell Permission to use material from site


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