50th Anniversary of the George Robb Disaster,

Photo Gallery.


Station Officer Eric Campbell

Friday 4th December 2009.                                        (Click on image to expand.)

Birmingham airport_waiting. Birmingham airport_waiting. Birmingham airport departure lounge
Birmingham Airport at 6.15am waiting for my flight to Edinburgh Airport.

Departure Lounge - not long now!

Edinburgh airport. Edinburgh airport_watching. Edinburgh airport train Edinburgh airport_get ready.
Edinburgh Airport  People coming... ...and going1 All aboard and taxiing
Edinburgh airport_taxi.jpg (104199 bytes) Edinburgh airport_taxing. Edinburgh airport_leaving.
Taxiing to the runway. Nearly there. Leaving for Wick Airport
On_to_Wick. Coming to Wick.
Flying on to Wick... ...a bit more! A bit higher.
Wind turbines. Over the Highands.
Wind turbines steadily turning. Over the Highlands.
Wick_coastline. Wick_old coastguard buildings. Wick_old coastguard house.
Wick coastline. Old Wick Coastguard houses.
Wick airport_approach. Wick airport_landing. Wick airport_plane.
Approaching Wick Airport. Safe landing. Our plane.
Wick Marina Wick Marina. Wick Quay/ Wick Quay and harbour.
Looking down at the harbour from the cliff top. Wick's new marina. Wick quay.... ...and sea wall.
Sea wall. Breezy
Sea starting to come in!   Sea pounding it's way in!
Old Lifeboat Station. Trinkies.
Wick's old Lifeboat station. "The Trinkies" - a well known and much loved rocky area for local sun bathers, with it's own swimming pool - when the tide goes out!
Old coastguard house and tower. Old Tower.
Old Coastguard houses, now private residence. Old coastguard lookout tower.
River Wick to Coghill Bridge.  Coghill Bridge. River Wick to Wick Bridge. Bridge Steet Church.
River Wick looking down to Coghill bridge. Closer view. River Wick up to Wick Bridge. Bridge Street Church.
St Fergus Church. Service bridge. Shore Lane. Looking out to sea.
Wick St. Fergus Church of Scotland. Service Bridge and out to sea, from Wick High Street. Looking back to Shore Lane. From Service Bridge looking up to Wick Town.
Ready for Christmas. Across river. other side of bridge. River Wick to town.
June's ready for Christmas. Looking across the River. Looking up to Wick town. Other side of Service Bridge.
Bridge Street. St Fergus Church from Bridge Street. Bridge Street RBS The Fountain.
Bridge Street. Wick St. Fergus Church seen from Bridge Street. RBS - bridge Street. The Fountain, Bank of River Wick. Opened  22nd October 2005.
River Wick at dusk. Wick's new marina, Wick Lifeboat ready. Wick Quay.
Coghill bridge at dusk. New marina at Wick harbour. Wick Lifeboat 
'The Roy BarkerII' Trent class - ready and waiting.
Wick Quay at dusk.
Wick Quayside at dusk from the cliff top.


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