Wick Harbour Damaged.


As reported in the John O'Groats Journal 8 December 1959)

Station Officer Eric Campbell


"Wick Harbour Damaged."

As a result of the prolonged storm, large quantities of seaweed were swept into Wick River estuary and were deposited upstream as far as Bridge Street. The gale, which was seldom under 50 m.p.h., caused some minor damage to property in various parts of the county.

Reporting at Wick Harbour Trust's monthly meeting on Monday evening on recent damage to the concrete apron on the seaward side of the south quay, which was caused by loose and broken tetrapods being thrown about by the sea, Mr. W. R. Lyall, harbour superintendent of works, said that repairs had been attempted without success owing to adverse weather conditions.

It had not been possible to do much useful work owing to the weather and it would be springtime before it could be completed satisfactorily. In the interval heavy seas had caused further slight damage but nothing of a serious nature had taken place.

Referring to the storm at Wick Harbour Trust's monthly meeting on Monday evening (7 December 1959) when the gale was still at its height, Captain G. Sutherland, Harbourmaster, said: "The seas running in Wick Bay at present are the heaviest since January, 1942, when the Isleford was lost with all hands; that was practically 18 years ago."

The Isleford, which was a Fleet auxiliary vessel went ashore on the rocks on the north side of the bay during a blizzard on 25 January 1942. Fourteen men went down with her.

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