Wick Coastguard Rescues. 


Gull Eggs. - Sunday 10th May 1959.


As reported in an unknown newspaper (10th May 1959).

Station Officer Eric Campbell

Wick  - "Cliff-Fall Man Stuck 140ft. Up."

A young man from Kieth who fell down a cliff while searching for gulls eggs, owes his life to a passer-by. Mr Robert McAdam (21) who is employed in the communications department at Wick Airport, set out at 7 a.m. for the eggs. He had collected about a dozen when he slipped on the cliff and fell.

Dazed but unhurt, he managed to climb back to a ledge but could go no further. The passer-by, Mr William Robertson (36) unemployed ganger, had gone out for a walk and actually passed the point where Mr McAdam was trapped. Mr Robertson turned to return to Wick when he looked back and saw Mr McAdam on the cliff.

"At first I thought he was all right and that he was just waving to me. I then realised he must be in difficulties - I ran back to Wick and telephoned the police." said Mr Robertson.

First on the scene was P.C. William Forbes who went down the cliff until he could see Mr McAdam. Realising he could not get him up, he went back to his car to radio for the Coastguards. Mr McAdam was rescued by three Coastguards using ropes and a rope ladder. District Officer James A. Addison went down the cliff face. Assisting him were Station Officer Eric Campbell and Coastguard Sinclair Bremner.

D.O. Addison said "McAdam was in a dangerous spot on a small ledge and above him was an overhanging rock which prevented him from climbing up."

Carrying his haversack full of eggs, Mr McAdam climbed the last 12ft unaided. He said later: "I was there for about two hours. I slipped and fell, although dazed for a while I tried to climb back to the top. I succeeded in getting up about 12ft and then I became stuck. I saw a man passing and waved and shouted to him foe help, but I thought he went away without hearing me - I was certainly relived to hear the policeman shouting me that help was on the way."

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