Wick Coastguard Rescues. 


Lossiemouth Seine-net boat - Swiftsure.


As reported in the "John O'Groat Journal"  Friday 11th September 1959

Station Officer Eric Campbell


"Lossiemouth Seine-netter Refloated After Stranding."

Early Friday morning of the 4th September, the Lossiemouth seine-netter motor boat Swiftsure went aground on the north side of Wick Bay during dense fog, shortly after leaving the harbour for the fishing grounds.  Wick lifeboat and the local L.S.A. (Life Saving Apparatus) Company were called out.  The Swiftsure ran on the rocks a little east of the North Head Swimming Bath. 

After sending out a distress signal message, skipper Alfred Gault and his crew took to their dinghy.  The sea was calm and they were in no danger.  Finding that their vessel  appeared to be undamaged they returned aboard to await salvage efforts at high tide. 


Swiftsure at Wick Harbour - The John O'Groat Journal

(This picture is reproduced from the original John O'Groats Journal  newspaper - with kind permission.)

Swiftsure on the rocks at 
Wick Harbour.

(Click on picture for larger size)

Meanwhile Wick lifeboat and coastguards stood by in case of need.  When the fog cleared in the forenoon, the stranded vessel could be see clearly from the harbour-high and dry on the rocks, close inshore.  Two other Lossiemouth fishing boats, operating off Wick - the Sublime (the skipper being Joe Gault - brother of Alfred Gault) and the Renown (skipper W. Farquhar)  - had picked up the Swiftsure's distress message on their radio and they made for the scene.

With the tide almost full at noon, these two boats, assisted by the Wick lifeboat, towed the Swiftsure, watched by a large number of spectators who had gathered on the shore and the braes above. The Swiftsure returned to Wick Harbour under her own power and shortly afterwards made for her home port for an examination. 

Further stories of the Swiftsure can be read (with photo's) as reported by:
an unknown newspaper

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