50th Anniversary of the George Robb Disaster,

Photo Gallery.


Station Officer Eric Campbell

Sunday 6th December 2009.                                        (Click on image to expand.)

Old Wick lifeboat station. Rough seas. Looking down cliff face. Looking back at harbour.
Old lifeboat station - looking down from cliff top. Rough seas pound the old slipway. Looking down the cliff face. back to the harbour.
Harbour wall&5 stones. 5 stones on wall. Harbour & new marina.
Harbour wall. Tetra pods holding up (5-stones as we call them!) Looking across the quay.
New harbour wall. New harbour wall. New harbour wall and Junes B&B. Looking across Wick.
New harbour wall and June's B&B! Harbour wall close up.   Looking across Wick town.
James Bremner momument. Momument inscription.   St Fergus Church.
James Bremner monument and inscription. He was a naval architect and a harbour designer - erected 1903.          (Further info on larger photo.) Wick St. Fergus Church of Scotland - 50th Anniversary of the George Robb disaster.
Church stairs. church back wall. Coastguard display.
Impressive Stairs leading into the church. Back wall of the church. Display of equipment used the HM Coastguards.  The display case showing piece of steering wheel from the George Robb trawler.
Display. Church windows. Interview.
  Beautiful stained glass windows. Interviews begin of George MacLeod
George and John. Church look down. Norman & John Nuggent. Norman.
George and John MacLeod. Looking down in the church from above. Norman and John Nugent - (Minister of the church). Norman with the wreathes.
Gravestone. Gravestone inscription. Views from the grave. Views from the grave.
Wick Cemetery and Eric and Eve Campbell's place of rest. Views around the grave side.
Last cafe. Site of famous signpost. First and Last shops.
(New) John O'Groats Cafe Bar (closed in December!). John O'Groats House Hotel (now boarded up - shame it looks impressive!). Site of the 'famous' John O'Groats/Lands End signpost (taken down over winter). First and last shops.
John O_Groats5.jpg (126598 bytes) John O_Groats6.jpg (126211 bytes) lighthouse.jpg (98036 bytes)
  View looking out to sea. Pentland Skerries Lighthouse at Pentland Firth.


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